Saturday, February 23, 2019

Parish Magazine – Crosslinks

Crosslinks 2018

January 2019: Happy New Year 2019 and Farewell
December 2018: The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
November 2018: Give me this Mountain (Part 2)
October 2018: Give me this Mountain
September 2018: Forgiveness
July 2018: Give thanks
June 2018: The sovereign God – Who is able
May 2018: Have faith in God
April 2018: Jesus is Risen. He is not in a tomb.
February 2018: Dealing with Delay – Patience
January 2018: Happy New Year

Crosslinks 2017

November 2017: WHO DO YOU SAY JESUS IS?
September 2017: Worry, A Self Destruct Button?
Julyne 2017: ELIJAH
May 2017: Make What You’re Living For Worth Christ’s Dying For.
March 2017: Fear
February 2017: Hearing God
January 2017: Because Jesus Lives, I can face tomorrow

Crosslinks 2016

December 2016: Know Christ, Know Christmas
November 2016: Why Me? Why Not Me?
February 2016: The Promises Of God Are Our Only Hope

Crosslinks 2015

December 2015: Jesus is the reason for Christmas
November 2015: For Best Results, follow the instructions
October 2015: One Out Of Ten
September 2015: Because he lives I can face tomorrow
July – Aug 2015: Why do innocent people suffer
May 2015: Master the Tempest is Raging
April 2015: From Gethsemane To Calvary And Beyond
March 2015: Questions for God – Why? What? How?
February 2015: Forgiveness
January 2015: See I Make All Things New

Crosslinks 2014

December 2014: God With Us
November 2014: Lord Teach Us To Pray
October 2014: God Is Good All The Time
September 2014: The Lord is my Shepherd
August 2014: Discerning The Signs Of The Times
June 2014: The Promised Holy Spirit At Work
May 2014: When God says wait
March 2014: When you fast
February 2014: Humility – The Christians greatest honour
January 2014: Happy New Year – Relax in God’s hands

Crosslinks 2013

December 2013: Immanuel – God With Us
November 2013: The King is Coming
October 2013: O Lord, You Have Been So Good To Us
September 2013: How Awesome is our God!
July – August 2013: With God, You are Never Alone
June 2013: God’s First Question – Where Are You?
May 2013: I Will Send the Holy Spirit
April 2013: Listening to God
March 2013: Jesus Died in Your Place
February 2013: Master, The Tempest is Raging
January 2013: I Will Not Cross This Jordan Alone

Crosslinks 2012

December 2012: The Greatest Gift of All – Jesus Christ
November 2012: Where is God When It Hurts?
October 2012: For All That You Are and Give to Us, Lord We Thank You
July – August 2012: Running the Race
June 2012: 150 Years and Still Counting…
May 2012: Empowerment – God’s Style
April 2012: Easter Bumper Edition – Who Will Roll the Stone Away?
March 2012: The Travails of Christ at Gethsemane
February 2012: “This is My Son, Listen to Him”
January 2012: Do Whatever He Tells You

Crosslinks 2011

December 2011: Glory to God in the Highest!
November 2011: Be Prepared – Jesus is Coming
October 2011: Give Thanks to the Lord for His Blessings
September 2011: The Storms are Raging Everywhere
July – August 2011: Special Issue – Lean on Me, When You Are Not Strong…I’ll Help You Carry On
June 2011: Pentecost – The Day Wimps Became Warriors
May 2011: Ministry to the Confused – Emmaus Walk
April 2011: Jesus is Not Here in the Tomb, He is Risen!
March 2011: Christian Hope
February 2011: Oh Lord My God, How Great Thou Art!
January 2011: Welcome to 2011

Crosslinks 2010

December 2010: Any Room for Jesus?
November 2010: What is True Friendship?
October 2010: Thanksgiving is a Command
September 2010: Worry – Weapon of Self-Destruction?
July – August 2010: At the Crossroads of Life, God asks,”What Have You Got in Your Hands?”
June 2010: Alone With God in the Presence of Formidable Enemies
May 2010: On the Day of Pentecost
April 2010: Christ is Risen!
March 2010: The Greatest Show of God’s Love
February 2010: Special Issue for the Renewal of Marriage Vows – Now Remain in My Love
January 2010: A Question of Scarcity and Uncertainty

Crosslinks 2009

December 2009: Jesus is the Reason for the Christmas Event
November 2009: Love Your Enemies
October 2009: Loveliness in Action
September 2009: Ten Years of God’s Work in Progress
July – August 2009: I Will Make You Fishers of Men
June 2009:” Jesus said, “I Am the True Vine”
May 2009: Special Issue – God Has Been So Good To Us
April 2009: Why Are You weeping?
March 2009: Alone in the Garden
February 2009: Prayer and Fasting
January 2009: I Will Lift Up My Eyes

Crosslinks 2008

December 2008: Joy to the World
November 2008: Do Not Worry
October 2008: Shelter in Time of Storm
September 2008: The Ferocious Evening Wolf
July – August 2008: Order out of Chaos
June 2008: I Believe God
May 2008: Filled With the Holy Spirit
April 2008: Peace Be With You
March 2008: Behold the Risen Christ
February 2008: Jesus Died in My Place
January 2008: A New Beginning

Crosslinks 2007

December 2007: Do You Have Room for Christ?
November 2007: Thirsty for the Water Brooks
October 2007: The Encourager
September 2007: Give Thanks to the Lord
July – August 2007: Special Issue – Trust in God
June 2007: Why Me Lord?
May 2007: Why Me Lord?
April 2007: Christ is Risen
March 2007: Jesus Died in Your Place
February 2007: His Banner Over Me is Love
January 2007: A Closer Walk with God

Crosslinks 2006

December 2006: The Word Became Flesh
November 2006: Jesus is Coming Soon
October 2006: God Will Take Care of You
September 2006: Thank You God
July – August 2006: How Deep are Your Roots?
June 2006: Come, O Holy Spirit Come
May 2006: Faith and Works
April 2006: Why Seek the Living Among the Dead?
March 2006: He Died in Your Place
February 2006: Waiting on God
January 2006: Journey to the Future

Crosslinks 2005

December 2005: Jesus – God With Us?
November 2005: The Bible
October 2005: In Crisis?
September 2005: Jesus the Good Shepherd
July – August 2005: Dare to Launch into the Deep?
June 2005: The Fruit of the Spirit
May 2005: Come, Come Holy Spirit Come
April 2005: God Allows U-Turns
March 2005: Good News of Easter
February 2005: Worship
January 2005 What is in Store for 2005?

Crosslinks 2004

November 2004: All God’s Children
October 2004: The Bible and You
September 2004: Not My Will
June 2004: Life’s Journey – Which Way?
May 2004: Pain and Reality
March 2004: Telephone to Heaven